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Sapphire Diamond Ring

Wednesday, June 12th 2013. | Sapphire Diamond Ring


Diamond is indeed the most popular gemstone for jewellery. But nowadays, many people like to have other precious gemstones combined with diamond in their jewellery. Those gemstones are ruby, tanzanite, sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, pearl, topaz, citrine, emerald, peridot and many others. Commonly, diamond combined with other gemstones is white or colourless diamond, even though it can be the colour one. But since other gemstones have other colours than white, it is more special with white or colourless diamond. This article will give more explanation about diamond and sapphire ring. Sapphire Diamond Ring

Sapphire is said the second hardest stone after diamond and a symbol for truth, honesty and faithfulness. Sapphire is identical in every way to a ruby but colour. For a long time sapphire is associated with the sky and the heavens, from its blue appearance. However, this birthstone for those who were born in September has many other colours than blue which are called fancy sapphires and also some which extremely rare and collectible known as Padparadscha sapphires. Colour is the most important thing you should consider when buying a sapphire, but when combined with white or colourless diamond, all of them can look very good. Sapphire Diamond Ring

Sapphire Diamond Ring

sapphire diamond ring white gold

Like diamond which has 4C’s to determine the quality, sapphire has some things you should pay attention to before purchasing it.


The most popular colour for sapphire is blue. The blue colour can range from light blue to darkest blue. The colours of fancy sapphires are vary from pink which symbolizes passionate and innocence; purple which symbolizes peace, good judgement, and royalty; white which symbolizes confidence and maturity; yellow which symbolizes health, prosperity, and bless; green which symbolizes balance, growth and harmony until colour change sapphires whose colour can change in various lightning. For Padparadscha sapphires, they have three colours in one – purple, pink and orange – but since they are extremely rare, they can cost thousands of dollars per carat. It is up to you what colour you more prefer. Sapphire Diamond Ring


 A sapphire should be clean when seen with naked eye, so try not to choose a sapphire with visible inclusions since a sapphire with too many inclusion will look less clear and detract from the colour as well. It will be better if you look at the stone under a loupe to find out whether the internal inclusions are long or not, since internal long inclusions will make the stone more vulnerable to crack when hit.

Cut and Shape

Because of the durability and the way it is formed, sapphire can be cut into any shape like you wish. The most common shapes for sapphire are round, pear, square, oval, and trillion. It is up to you to choose any cut and shape for the sapphire but always remember a good cut will enhance the beauty and sparkling of the stone.

Sapphire Diamond Ring

Treated and Synthetic Sapphire

For improving the colour, many blue sapphires on the market are treated with heat. For high quality stones, untreated ones are much more expensive than treated ones. Whether it is treated or not may not be visible unless the sapphire is looked under a microscope so you should always ask about that when you choose the sapphire. There are also synthetic sapphires which usually are less expensive than genuine ones. The genuineness is another thing you should ask about when purchasing a sapphire. Synthetic sapphire looks more like glass and has extreme clarity than genuine ones. You can also ask for the certification to ensure the quality of the stone, especially if the sapphire you purchase is the expensive one.

When it is about sapphire diamond ring, usually it is the sapphire which becomes the main stone, with a bigger size than diamond. The sapphire usually is single stone, with many smaller diamonds surround it, or set in both sides of the sapphire. It will look more beautiful especially when the diamonds are white or colourless ones. The setting can made of any metals, but platinum or white gold will attract viewers to the colour of the sapphire.

Sapphire Diamond Ring

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