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Selling Diamond Ring

Monday, June 10th 2013. | Selling Diamond Ring


Sometimes, there will be a time in your life when you want to part with your diamond ring. It can be the failure of an engagement or wedding, you really need the money or you simply just want to sell your old diamond ring and find a new one. Whatever the reason, you will have the same question pops into your mind: how to get maximum amount of money from your diamond ring and where you should sell it. Well, of course, the first thing you need to do is learn how to sell jewellery.

First, you need to accept that no matter to whom you sale your diamond ring, you will not get the same price as when you first buy the ring. And, one for sure, sell your diamond ring to a jeweller is not the best idea. A jeweller may be very accommodating when you want to buy jewellery, but when you want to sell jewellery, a jeweller will show little or even interest. Even if a jeweller wants to buy your diamond ring, you will get the lowest price than when you sell it other places or people. It is not because the jeweller cheats you or what, they have a good reason for that as well. Selling Diamond Ring

Selling Diamond Ring

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First, a jeweller actually always can buy or make the same diamond ring like one you try to sell, so why should they bother giving you a wholesale price? It is a basic business decision after all. Second, if a jeweller buys your diamond ring, he will sell it to another person, so basically he gives you low price in order to get advantages from selling that ring to others. Unless you want to accept that you maybe will get one fourth of the real price of your ring by selling it to a jeweller, you might want to try other alternatives.

You can sell your diamond ring on your own. You will get a really better price than if you sell it to a jeweller, but you should make sure that the one you offer the ring can be trusted. In this alternative trust and safety are the main concerns. It will be hard to know whether a potential buyer whose interest with your diamond ring can be trusted or not, especially if that person is a stranger. Moreover, when you set a price for your diamond ring, make sure that the price is realistic. Even if the diamond ring has a crucial value in your life, that will be nothing for the person who wants to buy the ring. Don’t think other will appreciate it the same way you appreciate it. If you want a trusted potential buyer, maybe you can offer your diamond ring to relatives or friends of yours, who you know very well. Selling Diamond Ring

Selling Diamond Ring

You can also sell your diamond ring separately. If you consider this option, make sure that wherever you go to sell the diamond, you will bring any paper or document or certificate about the diamond, so that you will get good price for that diamond. If you do not have any, it will be better if you go to any jeweller to appraise the diamond for you. You can also melt the metal of your setting and use it for another creation of new jewellery. Selling Diamond Ring

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