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Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Tuesday, July 30th 2013. | Three Diamond Ring


Since we have the phrase ‘Diamond is forever’, diamond becomes popular to be set onto engagement rings and wedding rings. Nowadays, there are many designs and styles available for engagement rings we can choose in jewellery store, most of them are diamond engagement rings. Many people tend to choose the traditional diamond engagement ring, a diamond solitaire engagement ring. But three diamond engagement ring is one of popular designs of engagement rings which is really well-liked by couples and is always sought after. People love it not only for engagement ring, but also for a wedding ring or just a fashion statement which is worn on special occasion. Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Diamond Engagement Ring


Three diamond engagement ring, which is also known as trinity or trilogy ring is a timeless engagement ring which features three diamonds set onto the band. There is a symbolic meaning of setting three diamonds onto a band, in where each diamond represents past, present and future. Those symbols are ones which make this lovely design popular among couples, since by wearing three diamond engagement ring, they will get reminded by the special moments they have in their relationship from the beginning of it (past), the moments they share together in the present, and the hopes they have for their relationship in the future. Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Like other jewelleries you can find on the market today, you can find three diamond engagement ring in many variations and shapes. You can pick one that you like. You can have three diamonds with the same size set to your engagement ring or choose three diamond engagement ring with a bigger middle diamond than other two diamonds in the centre of the engagement ring. Usually, three diamond engagement ring features round brilliant diamond. However, you can also choose one from many shapes and cuts available for diamonds such as pear shaped, emerald cut, round brilliant cut, square cut, marquise cut, oblong cut, princess diamond, heart shape diamond and many others. The three diamonds usually have the same shape altogether. Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Diamond Engagement Ring


Many couple want to add other precious gemstone besides diamond to their three diamond engagement ring like sapphire, ruby, amethyst and many others, and usually this other precious gemstone is set in the middle between two diamonds, which usually white or colourless diamond to highlight the colour of the other precious gemstone. Usually, this other precious gemstone is chosen as the birthstone. Some people keep three diamonds, but choose diamond with colour like black, green, yellow, blue, pink and others as the middle diamond and colourless or whiter diamond as the sides diamond or vice versa.

The metal used for three diamond engagement ring also varies. But usually the most popular metal is white gold, silver or platinum, since the white colour of the setting can enhance the beauty of the three diamonds in the band, no matter what colours they are. Yellow gold is also a popular option. Whatever the design and metal you choose for your three diamond engagement ring, just make sure both of them match with your and your lover personal taste. Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Diamond Engagement Ring
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