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Three Diamond Ring

Saturday, June 15th 2013. | Three Diamond Ring


If you have never heard or read the history about three diamond ring, maybe you wonder what the real thing is in having three diamonds embedded onto a ring. What does the three mean? Why should three? Why do not use two diamonds, four diamonds, or even five diamonds? Well, here is the answer for all of those questions: the three diamond ring is more than a blend of three stunning diamonds, the three diamonds on the ring each represents times in a love life of couples, which are past, present, and future. Past for those times the couple had shared together, the sweet history of their love story from the beginning until now, present for their current times and the state of their relationship right now, and future for hopes and wishes they have to make a better future which is filled with laughter, joy and memories together. Three Diamond Ring

Three Diamond Ring

The beauty and deep meaning of it makes the three diamond ring popular as a classic choice for propose an engagement. But it also can be a perfect gift for those who celebrate their anniversary, especially the third anniversary. Many couples have given it for the birth of their first child. Some couples even tent to reset the stone from their engagement solitaire ring into a three diamond ring as a present for their anniversary. For that couples who have lived together for a long of time, the three diamond ring will specially symbolize all the time they have shared, while for those who just begin their live together, the three diamond ring will be seen as a promise of long future together.Three Diamond Ring

Some of three diamond rings are set with three diamonds with equal sizes, but some of them use a larger diamond in the centre, which represents the present, while two accent diamonds on both sides are smaller in princess or round cut so that they can coordinate with the main diamond. But nowadays, there are many unusual and interesting styles available for the accent stones. Both of them can be trapezoidal, baguettes, or pear-shaped diamonds. Some couples even use other gemstones than diamond like ruby or emerald. However, the popular three stone rings use sapphires as the side stones. But you can also use gemstones with personal significance for the accent stones, for example your birthstone. Three Diamond Ring

Three Diamond Ring


After all, the two diamonds on both sides are meant to enhance the whole appearance of the three diamond ring and not to detract the effect of the stunning centre diamond. The three diamond ring can be found in any jewellers who sell diamonds. Most of them are sold setting-only, meaning that the two accent stones are pre-set and included with the setting so that you can pick the centre diamond as you want freely. The three diamond ring is also known as trinity or trilogy ring.

Since it is about diamond, whenever you want to purchase a three diamond ring, you should consider the 4C’s of all the diamonds. But especially you will need to consider the cut for the centre diamond, since it will influence the appearance and feel of the ring. It is recommended to choose a princess cut or solitaire cut, since both of them will show off the centre diamond but do not detract the smaller diamonds. When you choose the metal for the ring, make sure you avoid yellow gold, because it can take away the sparkle and shine of the diamonds. The perfect metal choices for three diamond ring are white gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Three Diamond Ring

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