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Vintage Ring Idea with Oval Diamond

Monday, February 24th 2014. | Diamond Ring, Vintage Diamond Ring


It is true that people usually will envy other people’s belonging especially the new and the special one easily. Many people will envy their neighbor who has the new garden decoration which has beautiful look. Of course people will envy their friends who wear the latest product from the favorite clothing brand easily. It is not about things which they wear but it more about the position to be outstanding which makes people envy other people easily. There is no doubt that people will envy their friend or someone else who wear the beautiful ring which is applied with diamond. Nevertheless, having a ring with diamond becomes common dream for many people especially women. Diamond ring usually will be used for special moment such as engagement or wedding so people have to choose the special ring. Because diamond ring is getting more popular as important item for wedding or engagement, it is sure that people have problem about the way for making their ring special and different. They will get outstanding oval diamond ring settings which will bring the vintage look on their precious jewelry. Vintage is back after all to bring variety in the world.

The Diamond


Diamond is chosen by people for their special moment including for the engagement and the wedding not only because they want to be outstanding with the ring but because there is kind of symbolic meaning behind the diamond itself. People can say that diamond is the stone which can last forever and they want to make their relationship last forever just like the diamond. The cut of the stone will influence the look more including for oval diamond ring settings. Right now, people will find that the oval diamond becomes one of the most popular options of diamond. People can find the stone with oval shape as part of classic and vintage design. The unique and elegant shape of the oval diamond will make people able to improve their special moment to be more meaningful by using the oval diamond ring settings.

The Quality


Because the diamond ring will be used for special moment, it is sure that people have to make sure that they choose the best option of ring. It is diamond ring and there is no question that people should make sure that the diamond has the best quality. If people decide to take the oval diamond ring settings to get the vintage look for their appearance, at least there are some things which people should understand about the diamond stone in oval shape. Normally it has 56 facets which are lesser than the diamond with round shape so the oval diamond will not be as sparkly as the round diamond. However, the shape will give unique effect of bow tie shadow in the reflection of the inside. The size ratio of this diamond traditionally is at 1.3 and 1.6. Of course people can choose the size and the shape of the diamond stone according to their need and available budget. It is sure that they will get the best ring for the special occasion.

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